I am a registered Psychologist and Psychotherapist with specialist training in depth psychology and Cross Cultural research and practice.

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Welcome to Dr. Adrienne Margarian Online

I am a registered Psychologist with clinical psychotherapy training obtained at Masters Degree level. I have also completed my Ph.D. in psychoanalytic studies, practiced as a psychotherapist for 24 years and registered as a Psychologist for 20 years. My practice in Annandale has been in operation for 11 years.



Areas of Interest

I provide both short and long term counseling and psychotherapy and work with a diverse range of issues including relationship problems, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, recurring illnesses, gender confusion, issues pertaining to sexual orientation, grief and loss, child sexual assault and trauma. Furthermore, I am able to address entrenched patterns of behaviour, experiences of meaninglessness and emptiness, spiritual questioning, creative block, early, midlife and late adult life transition.


Whilst I work within both short and long term therapeutic frame, longer-term treatment is recommended for patients who have experienced difficulty addressing repeating patterns of behaviour, self-sabotage, and inability to engage in meaningful personal relationships.


Cross-Cultural Psychology

I have specialist training in Cross-Cultural Psychology and have experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds. Specifically, I work with cultural displacement and adjustment problems, inter-generational issues within families from diverse backgrounds and working effectively with interpreters. Commensurate with this interest, I completed cross-cultural doctoral research in psychotherapy based in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


Longer-Term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

As a practitioner experienced in psychodynamic psychotherapy, I conduct an assessment to determine an appropriate individual treatment plan and establish whether a short or long -term intervention is warranted. I work psychoanalytically in order to address and explore unconscious motivations that influence conscious behaviour. By examining this material in the therapeutic frame, a process occurs that allows repeat patterns of sabotaging behavior to be understood, resulting in greater personal freedom, increased self-awareness and more meaningful relationships with others. Whilst this process can take time, it is necessary given the entrenchment and repeating nature of these issues, which are difficult to address with short-term interventions.


I provide 50-minute sessions that can be partially funded through the Better Health Initiative after receiving a referral from your General Practitioner. I am registered with some Private Health Funds. I am also registered with some EAP (Employee Assistance Providers) providers. Furthermore, I am available for supervision. For all psychological services, privacy and confidentially will be ensured.